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Guarantee method to increase CPA Build Earnings

What Is CPA Marketing?

Cost-per-action marketing (CPA) is an affiliate marketing strategy that involves a partnership between an affiliate and an advertiser.

There are Two types of CPA Marketing: 

  2. CPAGrip

Here are specific methods designed specifically to earn $100 a day with cpa marketing. First You need to have an active account and you can signup an account at CPA BUILD

I’m going to show you how to: 

  • Find the perfect CPA network (if you don’t have one already) 
  • Find the perfect niche
  •  Find the perfect keywords for that niche 
  • Create an eye-appealing brand for your audience 
  • Make better content 
  • Setup your website -Setup a website on either blogger or wordpress both will work perfectly
  • Create the content for your niche – create a niche thats relates to the offer you want to promote and by this you can create cash app niche, games or affiliate products
  • Promote the same content you have just created- while choosing offers to promote choose  offers that have high Payout. 

Am going to elaborate each step as mentioned above.

1.Find the perfect CPA network (if you don’t have one already) -the best Cpa netwok is CPA Build this is because

  •     CPABuild has a competitive commissions system
  •      you get $5 for free, just by signing up! 
  •       you can easily modify and create your own landing pages. 
  •      No HTML coding required!
  •      you have access to thousands of CPA niche idea.
  •      You can make withdrawals with Paypal, wire, bitcoin and payonner
  •      Withdrawals are made weekly
  •       Minimum withdrawal is $50

2.Find the perfect niche- finding a perfect niche, this will increase your payout and find the niche that matches your offers that you promote. Also referral links pays so you can also invite your friend with your referral link. 

Here is my niche brainstorm list niche: 

  •  Free gift-card codes (any type) 
  • Free steam codes 
  • Pokemon Go character spawners 
  • Social media account hacker

3.Setup your website 

You can setup a website that will help you to place your offers perfectly.

You can create a website on free hosting and domain on blogger platform.or you can create a website on wordpress which uses paid hosting and domain.

For hosting and domain i can recommend you purchase on

4.Promote the same content you have just created- after you have created your site, you can now add the offers link in your website.

How to promote:- you can promote your links via socila media, when i say social media i mean, you can automate your site to be autoposting on twitter, tumblr , facebook and pintrest. Also you can create a video and post it on youtube and the place your website url at the description area below,

Another way you can promote your cpa build offersis by All you need to be able to promote your cpa build in udimi, just sign up .



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